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     Key Club  

High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.
St. Mark CHS Key Club, in Manotick, is an organization of students and sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Manotick.  The club meets every second Friday at 11:00  am at the school.  The St. Mark CHS Key Club Teacher Advisor is Erin Bennett. 
The Manotick Kiwanis Advisors: Carol Adams & Lucie Sauvageau.
Manotick Community Key Club (in formation) is an organization of students and sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Manotick

The club  meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 8 pm in the Rideauview Community Center, corner 0of Shoreline and Spratt, Riverside South. 

The Manotick Kiwanis Advisors: Peter Bachelor and Deborah Czuba.


Key Leader is a program for today’s young leaders.  This life-changing event focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership development experience.  A Key Leader will learn the most important lesson of leadership— leadership comes from helping others succeed. 

Participation in the program begins with attending a Key Leader conference, which is a weekend retreat.  A line-
up of workshops, lectures and team building activities takes place over the course of the weekend.  An opportunity to learn skills that can be taken back to the school  community is an essential element of the program, as is development of ongoing interaction with other Key Leader participants.  Positive interaction with other Key Leader "graduates" can offer continuing reinforcement, encouragement and growth of leadership skills.  

Since 2009 there have been Key Leader weekends held west of Perth, near Arden, Ontario at the Circle 
Square Ranch on Big Clear Lake.  Students have come principally from Eastern Ontario including Ottawa, the Ottawa Valley, Gatineau, and also the Seaway and a few from New York State, and the Niagara area.  

Kiwanis Clubs in Divisions 10, 11, 12 and our own Division 13 along with otherclubs outside have helped
organize and fund this event.  The Kiwanis Club of Manotick has sponsored students since 2009   Again this year, there will be a camp held on November 3-5, 2017 (Circle Square Ranch Arden)
Manotick Kiwanis Contact:  Glenn Pushman

   Aktion Club

Kiwanis - Aktion Club is an organization of mentally challenged adults some of whom also have physical challenges.  This is one of the Service Leadership Programs (SLP) that Kiwanis International runs.  There are two Aktion Clubs of Ottawa: the Red Club and the Blue Club which meet alternatively every Tuesday evening at the Royal Canadian Legion, Montgomery Branch on Kent Street in Ottawa on the  2nd floor at 6 pm for 2 hours.  The Kiwanis of Manotick sents 4-5 members to those weekly meetings that we are responsible for, to help serve, cleanup, guide their meeting and provide entertainment.     
Manotick Kiwanis Contact:  Glenn Pushman and Deborah Czuba

The Mission Statement for the Kiwanis Music Festival - National Capital Region is as follows: to provide incentives for the region's youth to develop and showcase their talents on an annual basis.   

Established in 1945 and usually including more than 10,000 registrants producing approximately 3,000 
performances per year it is very successful.  We have eleven different venues, over 450 categories and each performer is given an encouraging adjudication by an expert professional  in the individual performance instrument and area.  The KMF ncr annual scholarships exceed $100,000.00.  
The Kiwanis Club of Manotick supports generously both the operational and academic sides of the festival.  
We contribute a minimum of $5,000.00 towards operations and $500.00 toward the Scholarship funds.  In addition to this, in 2011 we added an additional $5,000.00 toward keeping the Leacross Foundation Grant.  None of these numbers include the volunteer hours attending board meetings or staffing venues.  More than 4,000 hours were spent by club members in 2011 as we have had two members on the Board of Directors of KMF and were completely responsible for staffing three sites and assisted at two more.  Musical  Theatre,  Junior Piano and Guitar were staffed entirely by our club and we assisted with the Band nights as well. 
The Kiwanis name receives more exposure during the month of April than at any other time of the year. It is always a pleasure to see the delight of the children as  they learn what they have done well and what they need to work on for the next year.  Kiwanians should be very proud and eager to support this mission.
Manotick Kiwanis Contact: TBA

2958 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (RCACC) - Manotick 

They have training every Thursday night in the lower level of the Legion in Manotick, Ontario, from 18:30 (6:30 pm) to 21:30 (9:30 pm).
The Manotick Cadets, Corp. 2958, are organized under the Army Cadet League of Canada and the Dept. of 
National Defense.  Their program involves leadership training, camping and survival, marksmanship, first aid, music, team sports, military marching and parades, and community participation related to becoming involved in good leadership exposure and developing good citizenship habits.  All of cadet training is done under Military and civilian supervision.  There is no registration fee and you must be 12 yrs. or over and show a desire to participate. 
Military uniforms and accouterments are provided free of charge by DND but to cover other programs, mainly sports, and community citizenship events there is a need for additional funds.  This is accomplished by such things as organized car washes etc., and donations by sponsors such as the Kiwanis Club of Manotick... all in the interest of providing leadership training and the exposure to helping in the community is done by their support committee.  As an example, the rope cable to carry cadets across the Rideau river (an exercise done yearly and is unique to the Manotick cadets) was judged unsafe by the fire hall and required replacement.  This is not covered by DND.  The Cadets meet weekly, and have special events  in the Legion who provide accommodation at no cost (this being the legion contribution).    The $2000 given by the Kiwanis Club of      Manotick as an annual contribution, with the stilipation that any additional contribution will be considered by the Kiwanis Club of Manotick on an as required basis.  
Manotick Kiwanis Contact: Brian Fritsch

1st Manotick Scouting Group 
1st Manotick Scouting Group includes Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers.

1st Manotick Scouts was started in the early 1920’s and has operated continuously since then.  In the mid-
1970’s the Group was rejuvenated and an affiliation was established with the Kiwanis Club of Manotick, who became the sponsor of Scouting in Manotick.  

Traditionally there have been four separate age groups in Scouts in Manotick –  Beaver (age 5-7), Cubs (age 
8-10), Scouts (age 11-14) and Venturers (age 14- 18).  In the late 1990’s with the development beginning in Riverside South 1st Manotick offered to help start a Scouting program in this area, initially with a Beaver Colony and later a Cub Pack.   1st Manotick Scouting has grown dramatically in the past five years.  At present there are four Beaver Colonies (one in Manotick and three in Riverside South), three Cub Packs (one in Manotick, two in Riverside South), one Scout Troop and one Venturer Company (both in Manotick).  In total there are about 55 leaders and 175 youth in the 1st Manotick Scouting Group, making us one of the largest Scouting groups in all of Canada. 

Activities are varied by age group but we try to do a lot of camping and outdoors activities.  The senior groups
do canoe tripping as well as weekend and week long summer camps and we have one camp a year where all sections take part.  We also take part in events with other groups in the area and have had Scouts to a number of the Canadian Scout Jamborees in previous years   

1st Manotick Scouting Group has a large supply of camping and canoeing equipment for use by the group.  As 
our sponsor, the Kiwanis Club of Manotick has donated money to the Scouting group every year, most of which is used to repair and update our equipment (tents, canoes, camping supplies).  As the group grows we need additional equipment and the Kiwanis Club of Manotick has always been a great help in keeping us going. 

Manotick Kiwanis Contact: Cameron Thomas